The Rural Broadband Blog is on hiatus. Agrilan is the working name of a project dedicated to delivering reasonably-priced, low latency, high bandwidth connectivity to empower rural communities. The project was started by Stephen Cobb when he was living in a very rural part of New York state. Stephen has since moved to San Diego and lives in the heart of the city. He is currently focused on his work as a computer security researcher and his graduate studies in security and risk assessment at the University of Leicester in the UK.

For more about the rural broadband movement, visit the Rural Mobile Broadband Alliance.


Agrilan is dedicated to the proposition that every home and business in America should have access to true broadband connectivity at a reasonable price, regardless of location.

We define "true broadband connectivity" as a high speed, low latency, high availability Internet connection with reasonable bandwidth allocation (no less than 250GB per month).


Agrilan is not a satellite Internet service. True broadband connectivity is not possible with satellite service and never will be, due to the latency inherent in sending signals into space. This limitation has serious practical implications for typical broadband activities like online banking, shopping, stock trading, and corporate VPN access.

Furthermore, the satellite Internet services available in America today come with punitive bandwidth caps of 15GB per month or less (at rates of $70 per month or more, which is about twice what you pay for terrestrial wired or wireless broadband). This means satellite Internet users cannot watch streaming movies, perform automated software updates, or take advantage of many other services that most Internet users take for granted. See our links page and our FAQ for more on this subject.


Agrilan is not a 3G Internet service. While 3G is impressive technology, it has several limitations that impact applicability for rural broadband users. See our links page and our FAQ for more on this subject.